Hello, world!

My name is Tomasz Stachowiak, and I am Klingon. Okay, fine, I’m Polish, but the two languages sound the same anyway. Friends and foes alike tend to call me Tom, Thomasz, Tomaas, or zTomas.

Like almost everyone else, I am primarily known for being a carbon-based life form. Whenever I’m not busy with regular carbon-based life form business, I enjoy shouting obscenities at computers, and poking them with my fingertips. Apparently this makes me a programmer. I usually have computers draw pretty pixels, though I dabble with other domains as well. I once synchronized a physics simulation over the interwebs, using only my bare hands and some UDP packets. UIs can be fun too… at least as long as I’m cobbling together a weird GUI lib, and not using one. I also really enjoy making computers and software do things they weren’t intended for.

I sometimes post random screenshots of path-tracers, real-time pixels, and cake on my twitter, as well as in this gallery.

Back when my soul wasn’t owned by a corporation, I programmed a bunch of fun personal projects which I could actually share with the world.

Here is some of the stuff I’ve been found guilty of, and this page contains my olde MSc thesis about software over-engineering.

... please don’t tell anyone I like UI coding. I wouldn’t want to do that for a living. I only wrote a few GUI libs as means of procrastination.